My name is Lee Ann Kimak and I have fallen in love with the low country. It happened more than 35 years ago when I first came to Hilton Head Island in my early teens with my family from the Pittsburgh area. Later in my teens, my parents bought a vacation property and here we came every summer! So may great memories….

At that time, Bluffton was just an area that we drove through to get to Savannah on Route 46 for a day to trip to the city. I remember the long closed filling station on May River Road. It still stands overgrown and empty. As I grew up, so did the town of Bluffton.

So much has changed and yet so much remains the same! The Church of the Cross is still so beautiful and majestic in an understated low country way. I stop there often and look out on the banks of the May River to reflect on the history of what this beautiful lady has seen. The friendliness of the people of this town is also the same. They embody a pride and love of the town and the bounty of the river that is unmatched anywhere else I have traveled.

Bluffton has also successfully blended the old with the new. The Old Town area and Promenade are bustling and quirky with amazing eateries and shops with special treasures. Classic low country homes and new homes and communities are also growing here.  I decided it was time that I planted some roots and grew here too….on the banks of the beautiful river.

This town has captured a place in my heart and I’m so excited to share my love of the May River, all things outdoors and my experiences in building my dream house in the amazing low country town of Bluffton. Hopefully there is something here for you to learn about, share with me and enjoy!